Donate Money to Charitable Comedian Kurt Braunohler, Get Wet For Goats

You like helping people, right? And you also like comedians, okay? Why not mix both of your loves into one big emotion and help comedian Kurt Braunohler raise money to provide 500 goats and 1000 chickens for African families in need.

Last year, Braunohler raised over $6,000 for charity in order to skywrite “How Do I Land” over downtown LA. This time, he aims to jet ski from Chicago to New Orleans. Yes. This is a true thing. Every dollar donated will be given to Heifer International, a cahrity that is dedicated to ending world hunger and poverty. The organization has been aiding African raised livestock to families for over 70 years.

And Comedy Central will be documenting the entire journey in a new web series called Roustabout.

Providing one goat and two chickens to the families is the end goal. The goat will provide with necessities like milk, cheese and yogurt while the chickens provide eggs for food and sale.

Of course, like any other crowd funded project, there are perks. These include, but aren't limited to: a personalized tweet, a Google Hangout with Braunohler dressed as a chicken and a shirt.

Head on over to Indiegogo for more!

Here is some of his stand up: