Drunk History Stumbles Back Home Smelling Like Puke July 1

Comedy Central's Drunk History begins airing season 2 on July 1 at 10:00 (before the season 2 premiere of Nathan For You). 

A-list stars this season include Terry Crews, Charlie Day, Jayma Mays, Retta, Patton Oswalt and so many others. But wait! There are even more big stars doing the drunk narration like Kurt Braunohler, Jonah Ray, and Jen Kirkman! This season is stacked and looks to be what finally puts that little known cable channel Comedy Central on top.

Here is a clip from the first episode of season 2 that features Jordan Peele as African-American chemist Percy Julian. Comedian Allan McLeod recounts Julian's fight against racism and invents stuff and whatnot.

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