Nasim Pedrad Probably, Maybe Isn't Returning To SNL This Season

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Nasim Pedrad is most likely not returning to SNL for her fourth season. This makes her the off-season's first loss.

Pedrad sort of kinda confirmed it this past weekend at the ATX Television Festival (but it was Buzzfeed that broke the story so...take it as you will***). Hired in 2009, Pedrad is known for her Kim Kardashian, Barbara Walters and Arianna Huffington impersonations. She also had a few recurring characters like the wonderfully inept Shallon.

Here's her doing crazy things with Charlize Theron:

Splitsider recently broke down every SNL cast member's contribution from the past season and it's no wonder she's leaving. Probably because Pedrad is working on fellow SNL alum John Mulaney's show cleverly titled Mulaney, of which Fox asked an additional 10 episodes.

Here's a trailer for Mulaney while I'm at it.

***I WILL NOT link a Buzzfeed article. Ever. Find it for yourself.