Tina Fey Is Making A Witch Movie That's Not Hocus Pocus 2, So Shut Up About It


Dreams of seeing Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker team up once again have been dashed. Rumors went around yesterday that famed comedy writer Tina Fey was developing a sequel to ABC Family's third favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. Those simply are not true.

The Tracking Board was the site that first started the rumor in question. A rep for Fey told Variety that “Their report is not accurate — Tina is not developing a sequel to Hocus Pocus.”

Deadline, however, says that Fey IS making a witch movie. Just not about these witches. 

The sequel to the 1993 cult movie will have to remain in my dreams along with my secret crush for a young Sarah Jessica Parker dressed as a witch. Yeah, I didn't know any better back then. She was a looker.