Jon Hamm May Be The Villain In The "Incredible Mr. Limpet" Remake

Richard Linklater's well received, experimental 12-year long film Boyhood comes to theaters Friday but he's got even better news for us today. Warner Brothers is remaking Incredible Mr. Limpet with Zack Galifianakis in the starring role. The Wrap reports that Jon Hamm has reportedly signed on for the other live-action role opposite Galifianakis.

This movie is already packed to the brim with the likes of Danny McBride, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele being considered for roles. Hamm is said to be the villain, McBride and Silverman are in other live-action roles, and Hart, Key, and Peele will lend their voices to animated creatures.

Incredible Mr. Limpet was originally released in 1964 with Don Knotts as the titular character.