Comedy Central Launches 'Daily Show Without John Stewart'

A new podcast has been born. Comedy Central's The Daily Show With John Stewart has been a staple in the cable channel's history for as long as I've been alive. If you were tired of looking at Stewart's ugly mug but love the show, then now is your chance to enjoy an audio only behind the scenes experience!

The Daily Show Podcast Without John Stewart was launched yesterday with the team that brings you The Daily Show every day. New episodes will be made every other week with different staffers chiming in talking about their work. Contributors include producers, writers, correspondents and "The Best F*&#ing News Team Ever."

“It’s hands down the funniest, most behind-the-scenes podcast you’ll ever listen to with half your attention while you do other stuff,” says Jon Stewart.

This weeks' episode features correspondent Jessica Williams and head writer Elliot Kalan as the two talk with producer Sara Taksler and writer Jo Miller. The quartet talk about the difficulties on finding comedy in tough subjects like sexual assault on college campuses. You can download the podcast on any internet source where you can get podcasts. So everywhere basically.