Help Chris O' Dowd Make Testicles Fly For Charity

The IT Crowd and Bridesmaids star Chris O' Dowd needs your help with putting a pair of testicles in the sky. Yes. A giant sky bound set of testicles. Or as Dowd puts it: "build the world’s biggest—and probably only—pair of flying bollocks!” 

This is in conjunction with the British charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign to help raise publicity for their newest campaign. Using an Indiegogo page, the two camps hope to bring to light the problem that is testicular cancer. The project's page puts it as men need to check for early signs of male cancers. 

The campaign, affectionately named Skyballs, will use Family Guy's Peter Griffin's chin as the template for the aforementioned manbag. 

Donators can expect prizes like a Peter Griffin chin balls shirt, a flight on the balloon, or a free delivery of you and your best man to your wedding. There are 47 days left and they have $11,169 out of their hopeful $60,000. Donate money here.