New Face Friday: Bill Gates's Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a weird place. Regular people can use it to get their dumb ideas off the ground like a sex doll that vibrates or a phone charger that is an arm less male mannequin with a retractable butt plug. Only one of those exists. But famous people can use it as well even though they probably don't need to. 

Bill Gates - yes, the richest man in the world Bill Gates - has a Kickstarter that will convert his CDs to MP3s. Just because he's a rich man doesn't mean he can do everything with his money. Soemtimes, even the best of us need help.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

This video was brought to you by Topher Harless and his group It's Past My Bedtime. Two contributions makes them a level 2 contributor. They win part of my respect and some of my admiration.


Starring: Topher Harless
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Hayhurst
Edited by Ben Manoochehri and Elizabeth Hayhurst
DP and special appearance by Gene Augusto
Produced by La Nita Harless