Tig Notaro Is Touring The Nation With Jokes

Photo courtesy of GQ/The Daily

Photo courtesy of GQ/The Daily

Tig Notaro is ready to try out some new material with her latest nation-wide stand up tour. THR reports that the comedian is set to perform live across the nation in cities including Atlanta, Dallas, New York and San Diego. 

Notaro is known from her painfully true yet still incredibly funny album Live in which she talks about her breast cancer treatment. She hoped to shop her latest jokes in small venues but she's now too big for that sort of thing:

"It was really embarrassing because I would go to these clubs and they would introduce me, 'Well, we are really in for a treat tonight!' And meanwhile I didn't have any material," Notaro tells THR.

Check out Notaro's website to get official details on tour dates.

UPDATE: The tour is called the Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour.