Those Wacky Duplass Brothers are also Making Four Movies for Netflix

Remember that deal that Netflix made with Adam Sandler a few months ago? Now the red and white streaming service  is reaching at the other end of the comedy spectrum with a new deal. Deadline reports the Duplass Brothers (The League's Mark and Transparent's Jay) production company - Duplass Brothers Productions - have started a deal with Netflix to make four movies. Details for the pair include subscribers getting the films after a short theatrical window and financing coming from Netflix itself.

“This is just the latest step in our very long relationship with the Duplass Brothers,” said Ted Sarandos, “We’ve been working with them almost since the very beginning, when we were red-envelope delivery. Independent film has always been a big part of Netflix." He then cited the Adam Sandler deal being a big part of this decision.

Duplass Brothers Productions has a hand* in four high-profile Sundance premieres: The Bronze starring Melissa Rauch; The Overnight, staring Taylor Schilling, Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman; the Sean Baker-directed Tangerine; and Animals, a raunchy animated series about animals in New York City.

*More like four hands, right?? Hahahahaha. Get it? Because there's two of them.