'Key & Peele' showrunners to develop a buddy comedy in 'The Romeos'

Key & Peele is over and everyone is moving on with their careers. Keegan-MIchael Key will do some big acting things while Jordan Peele will write and act and probably be great at everything he does. The show's executive producers/showrunners, Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, are moving up as well as they head to ABC with their new comedy series The Romeos, Deadline reports . Although it sounds like a show in which Romeo Miller plays twin versions of himself the series will focus on old men. Romeo is said to stand for Retired Older Men Eating Out while the show revolves "around two completely dissimilar 65-year-old neighbors who join forces to take full advantage of their second acts — driving each other, and everyone around them, crazy in the process." The Romeos will also be written by the duo.