Homestar Runner deals with sucky tricks, scary Luigi's mansion, Eli Roth and the perfect trailer for the 'Friday The 13th game

The House That Gave Sucky Tricks - Homestar Runner

It's that time of year again! Halloween is upon us and Homestar Runner and the gang come out of retirement in order to deal with a house that doles out bad tricks. But you're watching for the costumes and, yes, those are still the best part about the shorts. The Brothers Chaps may be busy with real jobs but they sure do know how to treat us.

If Luigi's Mansion Was Actually Scary - Above Average

Luigi's Mansion is a beloved game. It stars the second rate but endearing Mario brother, Luigi, as he searches for his brother in a house filled with ghouls. His weapon of choice is a vacuum. But what happens when the game is made to be actually terrifying? Watch as the real horrors turn out to be Luigi's worst nightmare.

You're Not My Girlfriend - Funny or Die

Eli Roth is a horror genius and Mena Suvari is a respected actress. In this web short, Roth tries to kill a demonized Suvari a la the climax of a horror film. She tries her best to trick him into letting her go by switching between her dark alter ego and normal self. It's fun. I promise. 


The guys over at Mega64 are celebrating the majesty that is the Friday the 13th game on NES. It's a true classic that shouldn't be missed. But did you know that there was a trailer for it? Mega64 dug up an old VHS tape that had the last known evidence of the commercial.