Adam and Naomi Scott have been really busy at HBO and NBC

Adam and Naomi Scott are Hollywood's power couple (that's right; move over Brad and Angelina). Their production company Gettin' Rad has a couple of new shows in development on two separate channels. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the company's HBO show is titled Deep S.I.X and follows a Homeland security team of the "rag tag" variety that investigates paranormal activity, both of which no one seems to believe. Broad City, Playing House and Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer writer is writing the script as well as producing with the Scott clan. NBC's new show will be called Donuthead is a single camera comedy that takes place in the imagination of an anxiety addled 11 year old and his single mother. The show is said to use a visual style unlike any other. BraveThe Lion King and NBC's Peter Pan writer Irene Mecchi and Bridget Terry will take up script duties as well as executive producing.