Here's a trailer for John Mulaney's Netflix special

The smooth tones of John Mulaney are back in a Netflix special that is sure to be as divisive as the other Netflix specials his contemporaries have released. This Friday, November 13th will see the comedian work some magic at the Chicago Theater.

In the meantime, you can head over to Vulture to read about Mulaney's experience with the cancellation of his Fox series Mulaney and how the show didn't turn out well for either side. Here are some excerpts below:

What do you think was miscommunicated?

One thing that was helpful — and one thing I learned running a show — was figuring out what wasn’t my job. There are so many things you can take on. You could say, “I don’t love the props. I’m going to start coming in earlier and making sure all of the props are whatever.” But one thing I do have to say is it’s not my job is to critique it. I wouldn’t presume to know. I could go on for hours, but when people don’t like something, they don’t like it. Sometimes I — with comedy, it’s like someone liking you in high school. They either do or they don’t. And when they don’t, they don’t. And that’s it. There are no appeals. You show up, and you’re like, “Hi! I’m —” and you stumble and they’re like, “It’s over.” I know that’s part of it. People turned it on, and if they didn’t like it, they didn’t like it.

Do you think the multi-camera sitcom is just a format that can’t be pushed to something weirder?

No, no, no, no. When I said it’s not my job to critique the show, there are things — tonal things — that I know, if I did it again, I would adjust. They’re not huge, and they’re not all that interesting. But, no, you can totally do it, and I think The Carmichael Show is an example of, like, a really smart comic and smart writers, and setting up a show that can live that way.