Conan Talks Depression, Cuba with Stern and Stewart

Team Coco's ruler and sexual icon Conan O'Brien has made a few appearances on his fellow host's shows to promote his own show. Last night, the carrot colored comedian stopped by The Daily Show in order to talk about the Conan crew's recent trip to Cuba (for a special segment set to air next week). A bit of trivia behind the Cuban quest: they were stuck in a tiny building watching a Spanish dubbed Gilmore Girls

Conan also spoke with Howard Stern on Wednesday morning about  the trip. But, more importantly, the two covered all of Conan's career including writing for SNL and The Simpsons. Depression that was suffered by the host during the early nights of NBC late night was also a topic. Conan remembered he was seeing a therapist during the first few weeks of Late Night:

I’m lying there and I said ‘You know, man…I really think no one likes me, I think people hate me, I think people think I’m not good at what I do, and I think people want me to go away.’ And my therapist said ‘Listen, these are voices in your head, okay? We all have those negative feelings, but they’re just feelings — they’re not real.’ And I said ‘Fuck you, it’s the cover of USA Today!’ [laughs] And I held up the magazine. That’s the greatest thing you can do to a therapist. I said ‘Oh no no no no — it’s right here.’