Fox uses Piles of Money to lure Nasim Pedrad into making her own Show

Did you know Don Pardo holds the record for the number of times anyone has said the name Nasim Pedrad? Well it's true. Did you also know that 20 Century Fox Television has locked in Nasim Pedrad for another Fox series that she is creating? Yep. 

THR reports the comedienne now has a "talent holding and development deal" meaning she has to create, write and star in a series. "You're not leaving us dammit!" said Fox executives as they lassoed Pedrad with a rope made of hair clippings from Zoey Deschanel and Seth Macfarlane.

Pedrad is one of the most sought after actors this pilot season but she's currently locked in a series regular role on Ryan Murphy's horror comedy series Scream Queens. With Mulaney totally not coming back, Pedrad has a chance to move on and make something of herself. Oh right, she was on SNL. She's already made it.