VOTW: Scooby Doo Explained, Hodor vs Groot, and Settlers of Brookyln

Does Scooby Doo have a Speech Disorder? - Because Science with Kyle Hill

I love Scooby Doo. You love Scooby Doo. But there's something wrong with his speech pattern. Watch as Nerdist's Kyle Hill investigates what makes Scooby special. And it's not that he's a dog with a seemingly bottomless stomach.

Hodor vs Groot Rap Battle - The Warp Zone

The guys at The Warp Zone staged the rap battle of the century! Guardian of the Galaxy Groot takes on Hodor of House Stark in a fight to see who we can understand better. It's just as articulate as you'd expect. Be warned, there are a lot of "I am Groot's" and "Hodors."

The Settlers of Brooklyn - Above Average

Above Average wants to take you on a journey. The land of Brook-lan is a mystical place where hipsters rule. Food trucks, scarves, and fake glasses are among the most requested necessities. The winner is crowned Lena Dunham.