Jason Nash is Kickstarting a Vine Movie

On the heels of that Facebook film and way before the obvious Pinterest play, Vine is getting a movie about its vineness.

Jason Nash (Jason Nash is Married) has started a Kickstarter campaign for his second self written/directed film FML: A Social Media Adventure. Set to star Vine aficionados Jason Nash and Brandon Calvillo, the movie follows "Sam (Nash) as a father and husband that is barely getting by and is having a mid-life crisis. Henry (Calvillo) lives at home, works at a video game store, and is angry at the world. They meet through a social media app called ReLoad and, despite having very different lives, decide to take a two-month road trip to collab with social media stars around the country and boost their number of followers 'in hopes of never having to work a real job again.'"

Oh and, with this being a Vine movie, other vine stars will appropriately be appearing including Brittany Furlan, Nicholas Megalis, and Markus Johns as well as over 35 additional Viners.  Actual movie and television stars are too making appearances like Patton Oswalt, Busy PhilippsT.J. Miller , Andy Daly , Paul ScheerRob Corddry , and Ken Marino.

Rewards of course start with a digital download of the completed film and production diaries then go to a Eddie Pepitone voicemail rant and a Vine or Instagram takeover by one of the stars. You could even get consulting on how to properly benefit from social media. Yeah, it's a thing.