VOTW: All White Oscars, Office Courtroom, & Organic Fruit Snacks

Welcome to Videos of the Week, newest addition to the C+ Family. Here you'll find videos to which you are not usually privy. Only the weirdest and best shorts, skits and documentaries are accumulated for this. Check them out and support young artists!


Rage - Stealing Credit

This one is a Comedy Crib original. UCB Comedy's Dawn Luebbe tries to get her friend credit for her idea. Don't you hate it when someone steals your brain babies? 


The Oscars Haven't Changed Since 1940 - Lash

Keisha Zollar stars in this sketch about the Oscars rewarding the first black actress with an award in the early 1900's. Made with the 2015 Oscars in mind, this video is a monotone but satiric look at minorities' positions in the Academy Awards circuit. 


Why Organic Fruit Snacks Shouldn't Market to Kids - It's Past My Bedtime

Topher Harless and his motley crew have another sketch. This time, they take a harsh look at what could be considered how hipster's raise their children. Stop giving your kids healthy foods! Let them get fatter so that they can be used as bait during the apocalypse! Children are NOT our future! Just kidding; I'm loco for local. Eat healthy, dummies.