New Face Friday: The Prank Birthday Card for Ages

Finally, this world is getting a birthday card that I'm interested in. Do you have an annoying friend, relative, or coworker who won't shut up? Or do you have a terrible sense of humor and love to see people suffer? Now, you can piss people off while looking thoughtful at the same time!

Travis Peterson -- the world's biggest jerk according to card recipients -- created a Kickstarter to support his dream of slowly destroying your friends' sanity. The gist is this: the card is delivered to you then you give it to whoever. That person presses a button and a song plays for over five hours. You heard that right. Five hours. 

There's no real goal except to mess with people. If you've wanted to get someone's goat, then this is for you. Now, for those worried about the card going on forever, it is able to be stopped. The recipient has to destroy it completely though. Tear it, burn it, throw it in a moat. However, it is water proof so the last one might not work. Oh and if they try to stop it (unsuccessfully) once, the volume increases. This can happen up to four times. You can also purchase a Christmas card if that fits your fancy. There's about 13 days left in the Kickstarter so give some money and make some people mad. 

Here's an example of how long these cards can go: