Spiderman is also getting his own LEGO Movie

Sony sure does love Spiderman. Tom Rothman, new chairman of a joint venture with Sony, was at Cinemacon earlier this week where he informed the masses of a new Spiderman movie but made with animation. This marks the second hero to recently get their own animated movie with Batman's slated to debut on February 10, 2017. Rothman also added that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are taking on directing the movie (along with three or four Lego movies in development). Pretty soon, Miller and Lord will be considered "the cartoon guys" and they'll be stuck doing Ninjago sequels forever. Deadline suggests this new film shouldn't hinder the progress of the other new Spiderman (live action) movies being created as we speak and there is no doubt it will be the last. The animated film will be released July 20, 2018.

 UPDATED: Information was misread earlier and changed to the correct facts. Previously, the article stated the movie was Lego based. That is not the case.