New Face Friday: Dillion Harper Tips 2 Buffoons

Do you know who Dillion Harper is? I do. I mean, you know, because...I don't have to explain myself to you! In the following video from the guys at 2 Buffoons, Harper stretches her comedy chops as she offers up the kind of tips only Dillion Harper can offer up. 

2 Buffoons is fake news/sketch comedy web series created by Jason Katz, Director of Howard Stern's sitcom Show in the Hallway.  These guys have had the chance to work with current comedy icons like Scott Aukerman, Matt Besser, Reggie Watts, Wendy Liebman and much more as they interview their people in bizarre circumstances. With a mix of actual celebrity guest stars and witty writing, 2 Buffoons is sure to be a hit. The show is hosted and written by Katz, Mike Depietro and Elliot Christ.

Directed by: Patrick John McCormick 
Written by: Elliot Christ and Jason Katz
Executive Producer: Jason Katz 
Starring: Dillion Harper 
Edited by: Jason Katz

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