HBO's Newest Comedies Premiere Soon-ish

Following the sure to be a huge fucking hit season two of True Detective (or season Tru-Detective if you're trying to save time) are HBO's new comedy shows The Brink and Ballers. 

Dwayne Johnson leads Ballers as the show explores the lives of former and current football players. Rob Corddry is also Johnson's old boss and current financial adviser. Other stars include Omar Benson Miller, John David Washington, Troy Garity, Donovan Carter, Jazmyn Simon, Taylor Cole and LeToya Luckett. 

The Brink follows "a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three disparate and desperate men: U.S. Secretary of State Walter Hollander (Tim Robbins); Alex Coppins (Jack Black), a lowly Foreign Service officer; and Zeke Callahan (Pablo Schreiber), an ace Navy fighter pilot." It's up to these guys to save the world from World War III. Both of these shows have stellar casts and should be interesting enough. Also, The Rock is in a TV show. 

Both shows air at 10 and 10:30 PM on Sunday, June 21.