T.J. Miller & Funny or Die's 'Gorburger Show' is going to be an HBO Pilot

Not one to shy away from the weird, HBO has picked up the internet based talk show The Gorburger Show as a pilot. Variety reports the show, led by T.J. Miller wearing a strange blue monster costume akin to Japanese culture who happens to take over a Japanese chat show, is jumping from the little screen to a slightly larger screen. 

Gorburger's whole shtick is to understand humanity through interviews with our biggest celebrities. The Gorburger Show is currently in its second season over on YouTube. They've managed to land pretty big guests like Carson Daly, Tegan and Sara, 3OH!3 and even Grouplove.

This marks the second show to be transitioned from internet to television by HBO. The premium channel previously picked up the Vimeo web series High Maintenance for six new episodes to be aired on the network. And it's also another milestone in the vein that T.J. Miller already has a job with HBO as an actor on Silicon Valley