IFC would like some more 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' please

In the midst of this current 40 episode fourth season of the show, IFC sat down and decided that it was time to offer up a renewal for Comedy Bang! Bang! to which Scott Aukerman probably replied "This makes my little butt wet!"

IFC president Jennifer Caserta also had nice things to say about the show and its host: “Scott has created an absurd world that attracts the biggest names in pop culture,” she said, “They show up, do insane things and oftentimes come back for more. We have no idea how he does it, but we’re not about to start asking questions now.” 

Kid CuDi is set to replace Reggie Watts as band leader this July. A 20 episode fifth season will come next year. Maybe then Aukerman can find a way to implement a television version of the podcast's game "Riddle Me This."