Comedy Central is Commentating Socially with 'Legends of Chamberlain Heights'

If you told me veteran Simpsons artist Brad Ableson, retired UCLA Bruin basketball players, sports producers Quinn Hawking and Josiah Johnson, and writer Michael Starrbury (The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete) were making a TV show, I'd probably respond "who?" 

Deadline is reporting that Bento Box Entertainment is working with all of those wonderful people in order to create Legends of Chamberlain Heights, an urban based cartoon that will supposedly mix comedy and racial commentary. Characters include  Jamal (Hawking), Grover (Johnson) and Milk (some type of dairy product) as they navigate life winning and losing but remaining legends in their minds.

You have never heard of Bento Box but you have seen their work in shows like the recently canceled Brickleberry, Fox's Bob's Burgers, and Hulu's The Awesomes. It's kind of refreshing to see something different in terms of cartoons.