Tracy Morgan speaks with Matt Lauer about the crash, losing a friend and getting stonger

This Monday morning, Tracy Morgan returned to television almost a year after a car accident with a Walmart truck on June 7, 2014. He gave Today Show interviewer Matt Lauer details on his current condition, how he feels about the loss of his friend Jimmy McNair, and working through his ailments. 

When asked what his goals were, Morgan responded with "I love comedy. I'll never stop loving her...I can't wait to get back to her. But right now, my goal is just to heal adn get better. [Because] I'm not 100% yet. And when I'm there, you'll know it. I'll get back to making you laugh. I promise you."

Clutching to a black cane, Morgan was understandably emotional but it is good to see the comedian doing well enough to speak. He gives a touching tribute to his late friend McNair and thanks those who stood by him during his most trying times: "...but the pain is always going to be there for Jimmy Mac." 

Get well soon, Tracy.