The Onion CEO is peeling away from The Onion

All terrible jokes aside, satire site The Onion is experiencing a shift in management today. The Wrap has learned that Steve Hannah will step down as CEO. He was there for 11 years. Hannah will continue working as a chairman while Mike McAvoy will take his spot as chief executive. Years ago, The Onion was struggling to find its place in the newly all-digital landscape for news (even its brand of satire news). Hannah is referred to as the savior of the site's new redesign and current business model. Monetary news about the site is also mentioned. The Onion is reportedly up for sale but Hannah insists they are "not in a hurry [to sell]" as they have "a number of players who we’re still [they're] having conversations with." Hannah wrote in a memo to his staff that it has been a privilege and that he considers The Onion a national treasure. In mid-July Hannah will step down fully to enjoy his hobbies as well as write a book, most likely titled The Onion: 7 Layers of Tears.