Marc Maron will finally ask Barack Obama 'WTF'

Presumably starting the podcast with "What's up what the...f'ies, what the f'ers, what the funk buddies..." this time around, comedian Marc Maron will interview President Barack Obama. The two are set to sit down Maron's comfy garage podcasting office to talk about all things presidential. Deadline scooped the story. Maron tweeted that a special podcast was coming up all week long:

This is the first time Obama has been on a comedy podcast. However, he is no stranger to comedy. For one, he's a pretty funny person (no matter you allegiance politically). Barry Obams has also appeared on alternative comedy podcaster Scott Aukerman and bearded host Zack Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns. Hopefully things will get really tense as Maron asks "we good?" and a slew of secret service personnel jump him. It would also be nice to see presidential hopefuls stop by podcasts. How about Jeb Bush on Hollywood Handbook? Or Hillary Clinton on Nerdist? Or Donald Trump on How Did This Get Made? I could go all day.