'Bob's Burgers' Writers to help write the '21 Jump Street' spin off

That Sony hack in April brought to light a bunch of ideas the studio was floating around. They mocked Adam Sandler, mention a Men in Black and 21 Jump Street crossover, and a Jump Street spin off. THR reports Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux are attached to said spin off that, in a modern day twist, will star females instead of males. The Molyneux sisters currently write for the hit show Bob's Burgers and are probably who Ollie and Andy are based on.

The sisters recently wrote Hot Stuff for Dreamworks Animation and Wendy began a GoFundMe campaign which raised $32,000 for pediatric cancer research but also forced the writer to slog through the Entourage movie four times. 

Casting is still up in the air as details of the movie are still unclear. No one knows if the film will follow two established female officers like hardly undercover Jr. Jr. (Rye Rye) and Fugazy (Dakota Johnson)  or a couple of new recruits. Common perception for the movie's development is that it is going to be made in tandem with 23 Jump Street. And then there's the crossover. That's entirely too much Jump Street. Wouldn't they run out of addresses on that street at some point? Look for 1, 2, 23. 5 Jump Street whenever I guess.