VOTW: Jesus moves in and Janessa Slater advises Blues Traveler

Our Lord and Neighbor - PROco PROduction coMPANY

What if God was one of us? Moreover, what if Jesus was your neighbor? PROco and Ryan Demarest take a hard look at the reality of Jesus coming over. And the Devil is there too. It's good to see everyone get screen time.


Sound Advice ft. Blues Travelers - Above Average

Janessa Slater pokes her head into the lives of rock band Blues Travelers. She keeps insisting their a boy band! Although, it is the Blues Travelers fault if they weren't prepared to become the boy band stars they've always wanted to be. 


Wil Wheaton for Project Urok - Project Urok

Wil Wheaton sits down witht he folks at Project Urok to talk about his mental illnesses. Depression, anxiety and everything in between is discussed. Project Urok is a nonprofit dedicated to helping you cope with these illnesses via comedy.