Matt Walsh's all improvised movie is coming out on October 9th

Matt Walsh, the comedian not the blogger, has a movie that is coming to movie screens and VOD later this fall. Splitsider reports that A Better You has been in works for over a year, undergoing an Indiegogo campaign and going through editing and the like. Thanks to Film Buff, the movie is on track to release in October.  

The film has a stacked cast featuring the likes of TV's  Andy Daly, Erinn Hayes, Adam Pally, Morgan Walsh, Natasha Leggero, Reid Scott, Rob Huebel, Joe Lo Truglio, Mo Gaffney,and Riki Lindhome. A Better You was directed and co-written by Brian Huskey too.

As for trailers and other videos, those have been taken down so I can't describe really how this movie looks. I'm going to assume it'll be kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm but long form and less Jewish. A Better You is going to hit theaters on Friday, October 9th. Check out the synopsis below.

A BETTER YOU, an improv comedy, follows Dr. Ron Knight (Brian Huskey, Neighbors, This Is The End, who also co-wrote the film), who in the unconventional healing community, stands out with his “Wake Up! Wake Up!” form of hypnotherapy. But with great ego and great success come great costs. As Dr. Ron becomes the prisoner to his own head, he loses touch with his gorgeous wife, Margo (Morgan Walsh), and their two children. Thrown into a midlife crisis, Dr. Ron looks for salvation on the most unlikely of shoulders: Hugo (Saturday Night Live’s Horatio Sanz), the day laborer who is not only tasked with fixing Dr. Ron’s rain gutters, but restoring his esteem as well.