The Onion to peel away at 'VICE'

After being successful in their take on clickbait driven site Buzzfeed with equally clickbait driven site ClickHole, The Onion is ready to capitalize on its next great venture: VICE, an HBO documentary series derived from the website that looks at the impoverished regions of the world and other serious topics. The Onion is calling its new in-house Onion Studios parody series EDGE. According to The Hollywood Reporter, most of the series was shot in May and the first few episodes are due out next week. The Onion's VP of production, George Zwierzynski Jr., says the company is highly competitive when it comes to satirical media: "VICE is wrought with a distinct self-confidence, which of course gets our writers salivating." Not only does EDGE join the likes of ClickHole, the two are in the company of other comedically driven parodies such as Onion Sportsdome (Sportscenter), Onion News Network (CNN), Onion Talks (TED Talks), Sex House (Big Brother) and others.