Ike Barinholtz is writing a book, due out in 2017

Books of semi-autobiographical essays are all the rage right now. Ike Barinholtz (The AwesomesMeet the Spartans) is set to follow the trend with his own multichapter chronicle of his life and career in comedy. EW is reporting Barinholtzs' book was picked up by Grand Central Publishing and is set to include "a collection of hilarious essays." Disaster Movie star Barinholtz is excited about the announcement too:

I’m thrilled to be able to share my thoughts with the world, and my piping hot takes will cover all the bases: Comedy, showbiz, sex, Hollywood, the Chicago Bulls of the ’90s, sex and drugs, movies, politics, the ‘Biz,’ pizza and travel, religion and entertainment,” the actor said in a statement. “I just want people to say, ‘OH! THAT GUY! YEAH, HE’S FUNNY, I’LL BUY HIS BOOK, WHAT THE HELL, I’VE GOT LIKE A FIVE HOUR FLIGHT.’

The book will cover everything from Barinholtz's days as a Chicago street thug to heart-healthy crockpot recipes." And really, it's our comedians we should be getting recipes from, not those schmucks on Food Network. Barinholtz is currently on The Mindy Project and will be appearing in SistersSuicide Squad and Angry Birds. His book is due out in 2017.