Jemaine Clement is returning to HBO with a Judd Apatow produced series

Jemaine? Pre-sent! One half of Flight of the Concords is coming back to HBO. All of this thanks to Judd Apatow who will be producing the show. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Jermaine Clement revealed to Fairfax Media he is working on a four episode untitled series with director New Zealand director Taika Waititi. What's more is the two of the both halves of the four episodes will be made like "mini movies." Clement detailed it nicely saying "There's one about a dance competition and there's one about time travel. Each one of them is set in different time or has a different subtext. It's like The Twilight Zone, but comedy...there is a theme so far in that all of the ones we've written are about time." Anthology series and mini series are all the rage right now and this looks to add to the fire.