'Portlandia' will no longer be weird after season 8

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are busy people. Both have several projects in the works from Brownstein's revival of Slater-Kinney and her book writing to Armisen's work on Late Night with Seth Myers and Documentary Now, which got a double season renewal months ago. With so much to do, the duo has decided to end the run of IFC's hit hipster phenomenon Portlandia. Splitsider found the news in an interview with The Oregonian.

Armisen and Brownstein say Season 8 will be their last, at least as a series on IFC. Armisen says that would be the last in “this iteration,” which leaves the door open for a movie, or something else.

The show has been renewed for seasons six and seven so eight is probably a given. The show is IFC's longest running series even now in its upcoming season. Jen Caserta, IFC President, is very supporting in the program stating "I will do this show until there's no more show to do." Portlandia was also the first series on the network since its rebranding from the Independent Film Channel.