Amy Poehler adds more projects to her ever growing producer slate

You can say many things about Amy Poehler but you can't say she's lazy. Her production company, Paper Kite, is kicking butt in picking up series and movies just in this month alone. Now Deadline is reporting that not only ABC but NBC too have both given put pilot commitments on two of the newest Paper Kite productions. A put pilot is when a network agrees to air the episode rather than show it to execs and then axe it with no audience availability. This usually leads to a series pick up. Interestingly enough, both have female creators -- Jordan Roter on ABC and Nisha Ganatra on NBC. Of course, these two series now join Paper Kit's other comedy pilot Dumb Prince which is on a pilot commitment at NBC.

Roter's project for ABC is titled Aunt Jill and stars MADTv's Mo Collins. Check out the synopsis below:

Roter’s Aunt Jill is loosely based on her real aunt, who is said to be providing Collinsan endless supply of stories. The half-hour comedy centers on Jill (Collins), a smart, confident, hilarious and lovable 50-year-old who chose a different path than most women her age by focusing on her career and social life instead of getting married and having a family. An independent woman her entire life, Jill now has to depend on her judgmental older sister and neurotic millennial niece as she reinvents herself and her career.

Ganatra's series for NBC is called Pre-Madonna and is focused on the creator's life as a teenager:

[The show] finds Sarita Gupta entering a Chicago high school in 1983 and navigating the painful and hilarious path of finding out who she really is

Paper Kites is staying on top of the TV production game with these new shows. The company also produces the hit Broad City series which is going into its third season. Paper Kites also has a ringer with the Hulu series Difficult People which just received a second season pick up. Then there's the two movies it will produce alongside Universal. Plus Poehler is doing her own thing like having movie nights, acting with Tina Fey, and being so darn charming in Pixar films