'Playing House' is renewed for a third season! Expletives abound!

I'm going to do something I rarely do in regular news articles but I have to now and that's curse (and write in the first person). USA has given Playing House another season! Holy shit! The Hollywood Reporter announced the news after creators and lead actresses Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Claire crashed the TCA's winter press tour. The series has garnered a fandom that expands from cult status to critical acclaim. The network surprised the world last season as the once on the bubble show was given a second season along with early digital premieres. There's no telling if that will be the case for the upcoming season. If you have yet to watch Playing House, first of all what the heck is your problem; secondly, the series follows St. Claire moving in with best friend Parham as they try to raise the latter's baby. Keegan-Michael Key is there too along with other guest stars. Just stop whatever you're doing and go watch the show.