Here's a teaser for that Netflix/Pee-Wee holiday movie

Are you ready to celebrate the holiday's in late March? Shut up! Netflix wants you to because it's releasing the long in development Judd Apatow and Pee Wee Herman holiday special. Coming Friday, March 18, Pee-wee's Big Holiday will be released onto unsuspecting Christmas-in-March lovers. Was it ready by Christmas 2015? Probably not. Should they have saved it for Christmas 2016? Probably so. But that doesn't matter because Netflix is a huge company that doesn't care what one man thinks. The special is written by Herman himself Paul Reubens and Paul Rust, who also co-created and stars in the upcoming Netflix series Love with Gillian Jacobs. The film also stars Joe Manganiello, Jessica Pohly, Alia Shawkat and Stephanie Beatriz.