Samantah Bee wants 'Full Frontal' to be more in the field, less with the guests

Stunt guests and lame ones both periodically pop up in today's late night landscape. In fact, Hilary "Hildawg" Clinton is set to make her umpteenth appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She's already appeared on Late NightThe Late Show and probably everyone else's; a trait that both she and Donald Trump share.  

Samantha Bee aims to change all of that with her new talk show on TBS, Full Frontal. Speaking at the Television Critic's Association this week with The Hollywood Reporter, the host and her showrunner, Jo Miller, stated that Bee will not be static: "She's not going to be a lady behind a desk. She's going to move around ... and we're not having guests, so we can have this lovely third act where we can do whatever we want."

Bee added on to that sentiment saying that Full Frontal is poised to have more field pieces than desk bits saying that that's the kind of work she's passionate about. The ultimate goal is to evolve the medium as a whole by changing up styles. Bee also said she loves the personal aspect of talking to people: "It's kind of the best part of the job. I learn something from every person I talk to." Full Frontal debuts on TBS on February 8