Netflix is going back to Mexico with a series from Mexican Director Manolo Caro

Hola! That is the extent of my Spanish as I took French and Latin. Don't tell me; I know make bad decisions. Unlike me, Netflix is making a good decision in working with Mexican Director Manolo Caro. The two are developing a Spanish language show about a flower shop owner who brings his bastard children into the household alongside his wife and children after his mistress dies. It sounds like the worst version of Full House. The Hollywood Reporter says 13 episodes are coming next year, in 4K no less, and the show will be shot on location in Mexico. Netflix has been doubling down on markets outside of the US including the Latin America territories. This show joins Club de Cuervos, the Kate del Castillo series Ingobernableand 3% from Oscar-nominated City of God cinematographer Cesar Charlone.