truTV continues to want to ruin everything with renewals & other show pick ups

Fledgling comedy network truTV is slowly making its way to comedy relevancy. They've surpassed this very website, in fact, that no one reads. The guys and gals at truTV have decided that Adam Ruins Everything is a viable journey to continue so they ordered 16 more episodes set to premiere next year according to Splitsider. The Carbonaro Effect was also given a renewal too. Greatest Ever and You Can Do Better also snatched up episode orders.

But more shows are starting up on the network. The first comes from storied comedy writer Guy Branum called Talk Show the Game Show. Based off of Branum's live show, it pits celebrities against one another as they compete in talk show based challenges. The second show, Chris Webber's Full Court Pranks, is another hidden camera prank show. But this one has sports related pranks so that's different. Both will air in spring of 2017.

To add to that, tru TV also announced two other shows with no particular release date. One scripted series comes from comedy duo Austin Martinez (those are two separate people) and a cartoon about weed with Martin Starr and Matt Bush called Greenhouse.