Squarespace, Key & Peele will live commentate "The Big Game"

With Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key ending their successful comedy series and working on a couple of movies, you would think the two of them had enough of each other. Now the two friends are joining Squarespace in celebrating the really big football game. Mashable reports that the comedians will be commentating during the Super Bowl for those who want character based comedy coupled with their sporting events on a newly built Squarspace site.

The two will play Lee and Morris, two aspiring Atalanta sportscasters who are essentially real life cartoons as they host Real Talk. However, they're not allowed to use the name "Super Bowl" or anything else trademarked by the NFL so prepare to hear phrases like "Big Game" and "Football Christmas" and "American Football League National Championship Series." It's also great to note that C+ Comedy is brought to you by Squarespace but I HAVE YET TO SEE ANY EMAILS ABOUT DOING ADS.