Andy Richter is hosting a Jimmy Kimmel game show on ABC

It's like the convergence of two different late night TV shows. Andy Richter is hosting a Jimmy Kimmel game show that's based on a bit from the latter host's show. Dubbed Big Fan, the Hollywood Reporter says the six episode weekly series comes from the apparently popular -- although I was hard pressed to find more than the one video of it -- game on Jimmy Kimmel Live called "Who knows...?" in which a celebrity is matched against a fan to answer trivia questions. But ABC doesn't care about establishing new IPs; they want to get into that sweet, sweet late night show sketch turned game show game. This comes after Spike and Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle became a ratings vacuum and the very same network picked up Caraoke Showdown, a series with similar premise to that thing James Cordon does. Kimmel is, of course, set to executive produce the series.