Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson will make a movie with non-Wilson Larry Charles

Family business is always important. Families that come together and do their business sometimes never works out. That won't stop brothers Luke and Owen Wilson who are teaming up with director Larry Charles. The Hollywood Reporter says that the two will star with Martin Lawrence and Olivia Munn. The movie is yet to be titled and Luke apparently had a hand in the script. Check out the synopsis below:

Luke Wilson will star as Howie Summers, an incompetent lawyer who, falsely accused of a bank robbery, finds himself serving a life sentence in prison. On the advice of his cellmate Slick (Lawrence), he finds a wife on the outside and marries the seemingly sweet, demure woman.

When, shortly afterwards, Howie is exonerated, he suddenly finds himself married to a woman he barely knows. Munn plays Holly Kelly, a local TV anchor covering Howie’s case. Owen Wilson will play Howie’s court appointed lawyer Steven Stevens.