'The Nightly Show' will no longer be nightly, on TV at all


And with that, The Nightly Show is no more. After only a year and a half on air, Larry Willmore's Colbert Report replacement has been canceled by Comedy Central. The show is getting one last hurrah this week with its for real finale being this Thursday, August 18. @midnight will move to 11:30 PM until the network can find a replacement. The cancellation comes as one year renewals for Willmore and more than a dozen other creative types were coming up.

It's strange that the show would be canceled now and not after the Presidential election but Comedy Central president Kent Alterman offered up a good explanation: "we didn’t want to do is create a slow death through the election, it didn’t really make sense. Unfortunately, it is what it is; it was a business decision.”

The show was created and executive produced by ex-Daily Show host Jon Stewart. It didn't really stick with audiences, showing a steep decline in viewership over its time on air (with its average being between 400,000 and 500,000.