'Inside Amy Schumer' may not be a show anymore | UPDATE: jk lol

UPDATE: Schumer went back to Twitter to say the show is not canceled. However, there is no sign of the show coming back anytime soon. Looks like she's pulling a Louie.


The original story is as follows:

Amy Schumer may have quit her show. In a response to one of the show's writers weighing in on rape allegations at UCB, Schumer responded to Kurt Metzger's Facebook rants tweeting these two messages:

"I am so saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger. He is my friend and a great writer and I couldn't be more against his recent actions." 

That's a broad, sweeping statement saying that not only is Metzger not on the show, the show is done. But Comedy Central gave the show a fifth season renewal back in January. After she tweeted that, Metzger went back to Facebook with another post kind of apologizing:

"...I was talking to the perennial social media mob who, without knowing victim or accused, GLEEFULLY want to be part of social mob justice. Some of whom are my friends. And I apologize for using the term “lynch mob.” Lynch mobs sometimes actually hang a rapist. This one merely got a rapist banned from a monthly UCB show and then patted themselves on the head. I am always on the side of the VICTIMS, and I felt that this does them a great disservice..." (read the whole thing on Splitsider).

Comedy Central has not confirmed the ending via press release or email confirming. Also note that Schumer writes in her new memoir that she is a victim of sexual assault. I wasn't too into the show but it's weird to see Comedy Central's biggest show leave abruptly and without warning. I wonder how much Metzger's posts affected the show's ending.

In the same vein of news, Cameron Esposito had her own words to say about the whole situation . I found it so strange, too, because I just watched the second episode of Take My Wife and its storyline involved rape jokes/culture.