Comedy Central announces fall and 2017 comedy specials

Just because Netflix is giving comedians all the freedom in the world to release their specials doesn't mean Comedy Central is waning in their comedic endeavors. Lewis Black's special is coming next month as well as Pete Davidson's and Kyle Kinane's. Kurt Braunohler, Roy Wood Jr., Joe DeRosa, and Mark Normand all get their time to shine next year. Black's "Black to the Future," premiering Friday, October 7 at 10:00 p.m., is doing a limited run at the Marquis Theatre in New York City. It's politics themed so viewers should expect presidential election type jokes. Kinane's "Loose in Chicago" comes on Friday, October 15 while Davidson's "DMB" debuts on Saturday, October 29.

Braunholer's "Trust Me" is aiming to continue the comedian's efforts to "[insert] absurdity into stranger’s lives to make the world a better place." DeRosa's "You Let Me Down" is shooting at the Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 13. Normand's special is being produced by Amy Schumer. Tentatively titled "Don't Be Yourself," it's also shooting this fall. And The Daily Show correspondent Wood is shooting "Father Figure" at Center Stage in Atlanta on Friday, October 14.