Chris Gethard is going off Broadway, Judd Apatow in tow

Improv comedian, TV host and podcaster Chris Gethard has had a difficult career. From the humble beginnings of public access television to deep cable and cult fandom, he'd be nowhere if it weren't for his dedicated fan base. Now, he's going to make his off-Broadway start with Chris Gethard: Career Suicide. Deadline reports exclusively that it's a show, written and performed by Gethard, that will push the envelope. All manner of subjects from mental illness to alcoholism and depression will be tackled on the "painfully honest journey."

Gethard wrote on Facebook that it the show is pretty dark but he promises it's funny. Comedy producer and director Judd Apatow will co-produce with Brian Stern, Mike Berkowitz and Mike Lavoie. Career Suicide was originally at New York's UCB Theater and worked around in other venues like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.