Kevin Hart's reign on television, just like movies, is never over

Hard work is what gets you into the spotlight. He may be small but Kevin Hart is full of hard work. The comedian is on top of the movie game, has been on television for years, and is even writing a book. 

Hart is set to host a satirical comedy special on History Channel called Kevin Hart Presents: The Black Man's Guide to History. In a press release, the show is said to follow Hart after his daughter watches 12 Years A Slave and finds it upsetting. He then begins to teach her about other black historical figures taht are not usually talked about such as "Matthew Henson, the first person to go to the North Pole, but did not receive the credit; Robert Smalls, a former slave who led a revolt on a Confederate warship and pretended to be the captain to evade capture; Mae Jemison, the first black female astronaut and Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who courageously mailed himself to a free state in a box."

Hart's special joins History's growing comedy slate. The special has no concrete air date but, until then, here's a list of things Hart is doing in the meantime.